Year One - Project number 4

The final project of my first year was producing an 1980's Arcade inspired game. The team started with 3 multidisciplinary students, including me as the only designer. We went through bi-weekly green-light phases with more teammate additions. Eventually we ended up with 11 team members and this game.

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Uproawr! - Showcase Trailer

Uproawr! - Showcase Trailer

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Responsibilities and Tasks Performed


First weeks of the project consisted of doing research, coming up with a concept, prototyping and testing, and finally pitching that at the end of week 2 & 4 for a green-light. After week 2, the team got more members. Two news designers were added and me as the vision holder had to explain to them how I saw the game/how it should be playing. We got more members at the end of week 4 and I transitioned into the Producer role.


Once the team got a lot bigger (11 members in total), I took upon myself the role of producer. To me, this meant keeping the team up to date about deliverables and deadlines, making sure the communications between disciplines were running well, bringing my team snacks and coffee. Part of my tasks as a producer was to make promotional content for the Show-case day. Below you can download the press kit I made for this game.

Level Designer

The project involved each individual designer having to make their own levels.


Press Kit