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Welcome to Arid, a small and contained open world survival experience set during the 1930s in one of the driest places in the world: the Atacama.

6 Months


Team Members

Unreal Engine 4

Project trailer


Crafting Mechanic


Specify the functionality of crafting and deconstructing.


The way I started this task was by having a small discussion with the producer and lead designer about expectations. I like having clarity which helps guide me during my work.
Once I knew the expectations and deliverables, I started looking into reference titles and what options we had when it came to the execution of the feature. After assembling 2 optional ways of executing crafting (with visual examples), I was able to make an informed choice on which way we should be executing crafting. This in turn was proposed to my leads for feedback.

Narrative Pick up


Create an interactable Blueprint that can be placed and displays narrative when picked up by the player.


I had 2 things I wanted to achieve with this interactable.
1. Allow the level designers to set the appearance in editor.
2. Use the Google Sheet database already present for the narrative content instead of typing it in editor.
I got started with the Blueprint of the narrative item. It consists of an Enum that is tied to the 4 possible appearances of the item (notebook, piece of paper, envelope, poster). Once the functionality for the pick-up had been set up, (and the connection to the data base made) it needed a widget to display said text. The widget itself is just a blueprint that displays the text entered in the database.
Final thing that needed to be done was to go into the HUD blueprint that was already set up that handles everything that appears on screen.

Steam Build Pipeline


Set up Steam build deployment (in collaboration with build engineer) and educate teammates on the different branches & their purpose.


Steam Game Festival



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